Thoughts about localising documentation

DevRel week was great because it allowed me to hang out and work with the rest of the team in person. Most of the team work remotely and are scattered all over the globe, so having us all in the same room is quite a rare occasion.

Nexmo and TokBox are now both part of the Vonage API platform, and I managed to get started with the basics of TokBox's WebRTC platform, OpenTok. I must say, they have a very solid on-boarding flow and it was a pretty smooth process.

I also got the chance to build more stuff on Glitch but this time with fellow team-mates, Steve Crow and Ben Greenberg! We came up with the idea of an SMS maze as a booth demo, where participants can SMS directions to solve the maze. Stay tuned for updates.

One of the priorities for Nexmo in the APAC region this year is the localisation of content, as China and Japan are key markets for the company. But localisation is not a trivial effort and involves numerous parties.

Content now has to be maintained and updated in multiple languages, the documentation platform itself has to have multi-lingual support and the information architecture has to take into account not all pages will have corresponding translations.

Call me naive, but I personally think having documentation in multiple languages is a worthwhile effort, because this makes our content more accessible for people whom English is not a first language. This is most likely something that will continue to be a priority for myself moving forward.