Ran my first workshop on Nexmo APIs

I was in Melbourne a couple days ago to help run a Developer Workshop for our Nexmo Convo series of events. I had run workshops before, but this was my first time running one on Nexmo APIs, and it was a pretty good learning experience.

Nexmo is the first company I've worked for that operates in the telecommunications industry, and it's been a fascinating experience thus far as I've chatted with colleagues who have been generous with their knowledge and taught me a lot about how things worked. I've barely scratched the surface of how things work and look forward to learning more as I go along.

Back to the workshop. Although it was an open sign-up, most of the developers that turned up were from our partners or customers. To me, that was a good thing, because learning about how to use the APIs would be directly beneficial to them. The workshop content was completely new and developed by my colleague, Alex Lakatos, so we were not sure about the pacing yet.

Alex was supposed to run the workshop with me, however, due to visa application issues, he couldn't make it in person, so we had a running call in the background where he could listen in on everything and answer questions and help out with troubleshooting. That actually worked surprisingly well.

There were around 11 developers in the workshop so it was small enough to have casual banter, and constantly check-in with everyone about the pacing and troubleshooting. In the end, we didn't cover all the content we had planned. One of the things we will be improving upon is to share the code with attendees beforehand so they have some idea of what to expect coming in.

For a first run-through, it went okay, but there's definitely a lot to improve upon.