Off to DevRel week

I'm about to fly off to meet my team for DevRel week, which is a week=long face-to-face for the entire team, many of whom hardly ever get to see one another because, geography. Currently, I'm the only DevRel team member in the APAC region, which sounds lonely but really isn't.

What this does though, is make us very reliant on Slack and other forms of communication to compensate. The only thing about being based in APAC is that my team calls end up being at midnight, and sometimes my eyes just say, nope. But other than that, things have been quite peachy.

In the beginning, I felt a bit out of sorts because I'd always been on a constant deadline coding up features that needed to be delivered yesterday, and now I'm still writing code, but on a less critical level.

If I'm to be honest with myself, I'm happiest when writing code, trying to get things to work. When I first joined up, I felt a bit out of place, because I was heavily focused on the front-end side of things, making sure pages loaded quickly, fonts looked good all that.

Nexmo is an API that works behind the scenes, routing calls and messages all over the interwebs but working its magic on the server-side of things. So I've had to learn a lot more about server-side web development over the past three months. But the good thing is, everything I learned I tried to turn into a blog post. Tried.

One time the Sales Engineering team asked for some help styling up a landing page that served as their starting point for one of their pitch demos and I couldn't say yes fast enough. Building client pitch demos was like my jam (from all my previous roles), and I was good at it.

Of course, the only way to grow is to explore areas which are unfamiliar and seem scary at first, which is why I took this DevRel role to begin with. But occasionally going back to familiar territory feels like a slice of warm apple pie, for me, at least.