I did Support and I liked it

One of the things every new Nexmo employee has to do is join the Support Academy. It is to give everyone, regardless of what department they join, be it HR, Finance, Engineering etc, some insight into how our customers use our product and the issues they face.

Personally I thought this was a great idea. I was new, not only to DevRel, but also Telcoms in general. I had more experience in the Banking and Finance industry prior to this. Troubleshooting support tickets also gave me a better idea of how our systems worked, and how intriguing this industry could be.

Routing alone was fascinating to me. I had never given a second thought to how I received SMS on my phone from various sources throughout the day. I'd get OTP messages from banks, verification codes from my email providers, messages from my Telco, all kinds of stuff.

I learned that there were trusted messaging aggregators and grey routes, and the global SMS ecosystem is way more complicated than I had ever known. I'm still learning new things about this industry every day from random chats with my colleagues from other teams. Considering how I'm the only DevRel role in APAC at the moment, this meant I hung out with non-DevRel people all the time at the office.

As China is one of our biggest targets, we also have Chinese support tickets coming in, and I always pick those if I can. I don't know if it's to prove to myself that I'm a fluent Chinese speaker or just the novelty of it, but either way, it was a great way to acclimatise myself to technical Chinese terms. It's one thing to have an everyday conversation, and another thing to talk techspeak.

I'm not sure if many others share my opinion on doing Support tickets, but I found it an excellent experience all around. Maybe I'm just a weirdo.