Hello, Avocado!

It's been a month since I joined Nexmo, and I've sort of settled into the role. I had spent my first week in London, getting to meet the team based there, settling logistics and equipment and the like. Then I settled into the Singapore office the week following that.

There was a different vibe in both offices, and you wouldn't expect otherwise because of the cultural differences between both locales. And maybe also due to the make up of the team. The sales team made up a larger proportion of employees in the APAC office. But the unifying factor was how welcoming everyone was.

I was, and still am, trying to figure out Developer Relations in general, as well as thinking about how things would work in the context of the APAC region. Because even though we've grouped Asia Pacific as a region, clearly East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania are very culturally distinct.

In addition to that, I have limited experience with communications in general, so there's a lot of catch-up for myself to get up to speed with Nexmo's product offerings before I can get into the weeds of how to build out applications that utilise the various APIs we support.

This site and series of blog posts are going to be like a journal where I make notes about how I traverse this new role, some thoughts and experiences and anything else that might be relevant.