Getting my feet wet

Coming up onto month 2, and on a personal note, I'm done with speaking engagements for 2018. For the last 3 events of the year, I introduced myself as a Developer Advocate with Nexmo, which was something new for me, as I had always given talks in my personal capacity without the support of my employer.

When I first started, I was a bit worried about what value I could bring to the team because it seemed like everybody had hit the ground running and were organising events, writing blog posts, shipping code, and I was still sort of figuring out which way was up.

Nexmo's client libraries are available in 6 languages and are maintained by the DevRel team. We also publish regular blog posts and tutorials on the Nexmo Developer Portal. My background was mostly interface design and development over building applications so my concern was that my area of expertise was somewhat irrelevant in this context.

But I soon realised that this was an angle I could make use of. It's precisely because this is unfamiliar territory for me that I would be able to document my process of learning how to use Nexmo's APIs and build applications with them. And any frontend design/development would be an added plus for the purposes of whatever blog post I was writing.

I decided to get my feet wet with something relatively straightforward, a bot that would return random facts about numbers. One of Nexmo's latest offerings is the Messages API, which allows developers to use a single API to provide messanging capabilities via SMS, MMS and several popular chat applications.

That turned into an Advent Calendar blog post for one of the things our team did leading up to Christmas. It was an ambitious goal to put out a full length code walkthrough style post for 12 consecutive days, so everyone pitched in and my bot post was one of them. Here's the link to it on the Nexmo blog.

2018 was full of changes and new opportunities for me and I'm very thankful for everything that happened. Here's to an equally rewarding 2019.