Attending my first DevRelCon

I attended my first DevRelCon ever in Tokyo and it was a great experience. I had attended a number of tech conferences before, but never a DevRel conference. Before the event, there was an API the Docs meetup which I managed to catch as well. I didn't even know this was a thing, and that API the Docs was actually a conference series which will be happening in Chicago and Amsterdam later this year.

Talks started at around 9am and went on until 6.30pm, but there were plenty of breaks in between for people to recharge. My colleague, Myrsini, was giving a talk and I was there as an attendee. But somehow, between waking up and walking to the conference, I suddenly got the idea for a lightning talk. So I wrote the topic on the board and went on about conferencing.

And then I figured, I'd better get around to writing the talk, but I wanted to hear what the scheduled speakers had to say, so I remained at the main stage area. This turned out to be a good idea, there were bits from their talks that were relevant to my idea, and helped me build out my thoughts on my proposed topic.

By the time lunch rolled around, I sort of had my ideas in order so it was time to actually make some slides. Luckily I had a base Reveal.js presentation on my laptop which made things a lot easier. I hadn't had too much experience with lightning talks, but I did one for a TechSpeakers meetup last year for 7 minutes, so I had some idea of how much I needed to cover for 10 minutes.

I'll admit, I wasn't paying full attention to the talks immediately after lunch, but by the time that block was done, my slides were done too. So I managed to pay proper attention to the next block of talks. My talk went reasonably well, and within the 10 minutes time limit, so that was a relief.

My favourite talk of the day was a father-daughter effort by Kristoff and Freya Van Tomme on how we can make use of DevRel to help in the effort to combat global warming. Did I mention Freya is 10-years-old? That kid is going to be somebody and I'm glad that I can say I was there when she gave her first talk.

All in all, this was a great experience and I'm super grateful I got the chance to be at DevRelCon Tokyo 2019.