A peek behind the Great Firewall

Ticked another one off the bucket list. Giving my first Chinese talk in China. Technically, Chinese is a mother tongue of mine, but I've always only used English as a working language, so this was still a slightly nerve-racking experience.

I had known the organiser of CSSConf in China for a couple of years now, but I never attended any of their events before this. They also did ReactConf and VueConf in China, plus a general front-end conference called FEDays.

Being a native Chinese speaker, who also speaks 1.5 dialects (0.5 being Cantonese), made it a lot easier to get to know people. I was treated just like one of their own, and it was really nice to meet and chat with local Chinese developers.

I also had the opportunity to visit the offices of a few big tech companies like Tencent, Wechat, YY.com and Vipshop (唯品会). It was pretty eye-opening to experience life as a Chinese developer, and also understand a bit more about how the tech industry in China works.

Getting to China also meant meeting a Nexmo colleague who was based out of the Beijing office (mostly), and discussing ideas around Chinese language content. The topic of localisation has always been of interest to me, be it for work or for my personal content. We're currently in the process of exploring some ideas. Stay tuned for updates.